Even though Beverley Mitchell just suffered a miscarriage of twins nearly two months ago, the mom-of-two has admitted that she isn’t letting her heartbreaking loss hold her back. When asked in a new interview if she would consider trying again for another baby, the Hollywood Darlings actress didn’t hesitate to say yes.

“Absolutely,” the 37-year-old told Us Weekly on Jan. 12 of adding to her brood with her husband, Michael Cameron. “I’m open to whatever comes our way.” Beverley, who is already a mom to kids, Kenzie Cameron, 5, and Hutton Michael Cameron, 3, announced via Instagram this past Thanksgiving that she sadly suffered a miscarriage of twins. 

“So much to be grateful for!” the blonde beauty said at the time. “Sharing a little bit about the past few months, a little heartache, a miscarriage, and healing! Thankful for my wonderful family who fills my [heart]. And thank you… to all of you for your love and support! And giving me a platform to share all my highs and lows! #healing #thankful #grateful #blessed”

Not only would Beverley like to be pregnant again, but she also revealed that she would love to be pregnant at the same time as her close friend and former co-star, Jessica Biel. The 7th Heaven actress gushed that she would love to show off matching baby bumps with her former on-screen sister.

We imagine Beverley expecting a baby at the same time as Jessica would be very special considering she revealed that the 36-year-old was by her side throughout her miscarriage. “[Jessica] was very supportive through everything and was always checking in on me and through the whole miscarriage thing,” Beverley told Us in November. “She was one of the first people I called and I’m just very grateful for her friendship and her being just a frickin’ bada–, awesome person.”

At the time of her miscarriage, Beverley’s world was rocked. Hoping to deal with the pain, the actress took to her blog, Growing Up Hollywood, and wrote a post to reveal that she and Michael were expecting twins a few months ago, only for them to lose the babies just weeks later.

Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell helped LG Mobile Phones celebrate Sirens
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“A few months back Michael and I were thrilled, we had just found out we were pregnant, and though we were surprised, we were excited,” Beverley wrote at the time of anticipating her twins’ arrival. She continued, “A few weeks later, our new dream of our growing family came crashing down; we had a miscarriage. This was a shock. Honestly, my first instinct was to say I was fine, and to be honest; I was trying to be. I thought I had to be, for my family, for myself. I had to jump on a plane and go to work being surrounded by babies and kids while I was still miscarrying. That was interesting.”

We’re so happy that Beverley seems to be in a better place today!