She is one of the most iconic supermodels ever, and now Beverly Johnson is touching on just what it felt like to be the first black model on the cover of Vogue.

The 66-year-old attended the OK!/Star/Life & Style/In Touch New York Fashion Week Party on Tuesday, September, 10, and discussed her thoughts on being on the publication’s cover on August 1974. “Oh my God. It was a defining moment in my life,” Beverly exclusively told Closer Weekly.

Beverly Hills
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“I think it’s every model’s dream is to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. It’s our gold medal. It’s our Oscar,” she continued. “I’ve done many covers, and many American Vogue covers, but that first one is a defining moment in my life.” Beverly also had no problem revealing some other notable names she feels should grace the mag’s cover.

“I am so excited they’re using models again. Because there was a period where they were using entertainers. But there’s nothing like a model. That’s why I love Kendall Jenner,” the business woman explained. “I love the models. I love Joan Smalls. I love that they are appearing on the cover and really taking their place in the fashion world. Because we models are a very rare entity, and we need to be celebrated.”

Beverly Johnson
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While you don’t find her walking down runways anymore, these days Beverly is more focused on the business end of the fashion world. “I just debuted my fashion line on ShopHQ, so I said I’m going to go to fashion week,” she revealed. “And got a lot of invitations to walk the runway, but we won’t go there. But I really love it. I mean this time a year is the best time of year.”

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Reporter: Joe Drake