Barbara Corcoran is a real estate mogul, Shark Tank investor and businesswoman, but there’s one job she holds above all else — being a mom! The TV personality shares two kids, Tom and Kate “Katie” Higgins, with her husband, Bill Higgins.

Who Are Barbara Corcoran’s Kids?

After tying the knot in 1988, Barbara and Bill struggled to conceive for many years.

“I always assumed I could have as many children as I wanted. There was no deadline,” she told Yahoo! Life in May 2023. “Most women, when they approach around 40, they start to panic. Not me. Because my mother and all of my sisters had children like they were rabbits — they pop them out.”

They turned to IVF in the hopes of bringing a child into the world, going through several rounds of unsuccessful treatments.

“For me, it was like a death knell, the idea that I couldn’t have children,” she continued. “I messed around so long with my career and didn’t even try. It was devastating to me.”

With an egg donated by one of her sisters, the couple welcomed their eldest child, son Tom, in 1994. A decade after the birth of their first child, Barbara and Bill adopted their daughter, Kate.

In October 2022, Barbara revealed that she and Kate spent time looking at colleges. “Where did the time go?” she captioned a precious photo with her little one.

Barbara Corcoran hugs daughter Kate
Courtesy of Barbara Corcoran/Instagram

Does Barbara Corcoran Have Grandkids?

Barbara and Bill became grandparents to Tom’s son, Jackson, whom he shares with his wife, Lia Higgins.

“Jackson has been the biggest blessing of our lives and it’s a joy to see Lia and Tom being incredible parents,” the Shark Tales author wrote on Instagram in August 2023. “I’m one proud Nana!”

What Has Barbara Corcoran Said About Being an Older Mom?

Barbara has always embraced being an older mom and is nothing but proud of her kids.

“I had my first child at 46 and my second at 56,” she wrote on Facebook in August 2016. “The most frequent compliment I get is ‘you have a lovely grandchild!’”

The New Jersey native has the perfect response to those who have questioned her age.

“I always say, ‘Do you know how lucky you are to have someone who’s so filled with so much knowledge on how to do kids right?'” she quipped.