Former First Daughters! Get to Know Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2 Kids, Malia and Sasha

We watched them age before our very eyes, but now, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama‘s daughters are all grown up and ready to take the world by storm!

The 44th President of the United States and the former first lady are the proud parents of their two daughters, 20-year-old Malia Obama and 17-year-old Sasha Obama. Now that they’re not living inside the White House, we haven’t seen as much of the Obama girls as we would like to — and that goes for their mama, too!

While sending your child off to college is hard, the Becoming author revealed that she is so excited for her kids to embark on their college experience. In an interview in November 2018, Michelle admitted that sending Malia off to Harvard University in 2017 wasn’t as hard as she thought.

“I don’t feel like she’s away,” Michelle told People of her eldest child. “I feel like she’s off on her next adventure, so I’m excited about her. I don’t need my children to make me happy. I had them so that they’d be happy,” she shared in a previous interview with the outlet. “I also have the resources that if I really get sad, I’ll go see them.”

At least Michelle knows that she can always see her kiddos if she’s missing them just a little extra.

Scroll down below to see what Sasha and Malia have been up to since they moved out of the White House in 2017!

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