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Whoopi Goldberg’s Most Inspirational Quotes Will Make You Want to Reach for the Stars

Feeling down? It’s OK, because we have exactly what you need for you to pick yourself back up again. What’s that, you ask? Just 10 of Whoopi Goldberg‘s most inspirational quotes, that’s what.

The 63-year-old TV personality has been known to share some great life advice to those in need from time to time. After all, she has endured everything from money troubles to drug addiction and, of course, broken hearts. What we’re saying is Whoopi knows exactly to say to uplift anyone and everyone out there.

Her daughter, Alex Martin, 46, says the best advice she ever got from her mom was to ignore the critics. “Don’t read Twitter, don’t read the comments, don’t read any of that stuff because you know, some people have a lot of time and they like to hate on stuff they don’t understand,” Whoopi’s only kid once said.


Scroll below to read 10 of Whoopi’s most inspirational quotes!

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