A close call! Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg filled everyone with worry and fear when it was revealed that she not only had pneumonia in both of her lungs, but sepsis too — and now the comedian is speaking on just how grateful she is to be around today.

“I’m very, very lucky,” The View cohost told People of being alive. The actress had to miss six weeks from the ABC news panel she is a part of in order to focus on her health — which included having a condition caused by the body’s response to an infection that can lead to tissue damage and organ failure. Doctors even told her she had a 30 percent chance of not making it.

“The doctor told me, ‘Listen, you’re not going anywhere tomorrow and you’re not going anywhere next week because you are really sick,” the Sister Act star recalled to the outlet. While being treated at the hospital, Whoopi had her lungs drained twice a day in order to remove fluid. However, all turned out well and she was able to return to the show.

“It’s going to be a while before I’m back to 100 percent,” Whoopi explained. “It really took me down, but I’m getting there. … I’ve cut down a lot of the stuff that I would normally be doing and I have to rest.”

“I’m lucky to be alive. I’m happy to be alive,” the Oscar winner said. “I’m grateful to be alive.”

“I never thought of pneumonia as something that serious. In my mind I wasn’t that sick,” she admitted. “I hope that this is a cautionary tale for people. You have to take the time to take care of yourself.”

Whoopi Goldberg
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While she is slowly making her way to feeling at her best again, this health scare did quite the number on the star. “It really shook her up. She’s not ready to go anywhere, so she’s determined to sleep more and do better,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly. “She’s made peace with some people and things from her past, too.”

We’re just glad that Whoopi has overcame the most difficult aspect of her health scare, and will soon be back to feeling great!