When it comes to choosing potential partners, Whoopi Goldberg isn’t too picky. In a rare moment on The View, the talk show personality opened up about her sex life and the characteristics that her ideal partner possesses.

The intimate conversation kicked off with Whoopi discussing a recent article that drew parallels between someone being “good in bed” and being vain. Whoopi, 68, admitted that she really isn’t paying too much attention to whether or not her partner is narcissistic.

“Listen, a good hit-and-run is a good hit-and-run. Ninety percent of the time, I’m not there for conversation,” she said during the episode on Tuesday, February 13.

“One man is not enough for most women,” Joy Behar chimed in. “We need two guys: we need a narcissist who is good in the sack, and a man who is able to take out the garbage. I don’t mind having a narcissist, but I’m not going to marry them. But great for that night.”

The EGOT winner has been married and divorced three times to Alvin Martin, David Claessen and Lyle Trachtenberg, while Joy, 81, has been married to her husband, Steve Janowitz, since 2011.

“You know, if you get an electronic partner, you don’t have to worry about that. Because they’re good when the batteries work, and they’re not when the batteries out,” Whoopi added.

Whoopi Goldberg in a black outfit
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The Sister Act actress has made it pretty clear that walking down the aisle for a fourth time is probably not in her cards.

“I was dancing and prancing, I was so glad to get out of there. Every time,” she said of her divorces during an August 2023 episode of The View. “Because I always knew, I always thought, ‘You didn’t want to do this from the giddyup, and you did it anyway, so shut up and move on.’”

Whoopi’s costars have always questioned why she got married three times if the idea of marriage never actually interested her.

“I thought I could make a round hole go into a square peg,” she reflected. “I thought that that was what was for me.”

The TV personality later admitted that she felt pressured to get married during her relationships in the past.

“I kept doing what everyone kept saying I was supposed to do,” Whoopi explained about her love life. “And then I was like — this is getting expensive and boring.”