For years Whoopi Goldberg has been on our screens, but while she has expressed herself in her roles, she is now opening up about her personal life, including the death of her mom.

The 63-year-old lost her mother, Emma Johnson, on August 29, 2010, following a stroke — however, the Oscar winner doesn’t exactly recall when her mom died. “I don’t remember when anyone I love passes,” she said at RuPaul’s DragCon 2019 on Sunday, September 8. “I know they did … but I couldn’t tell you when it was. I guess it’s so that it doesn’t weigh me down.”

“It’s weird because that was the one person who … my daughter does it now … who will say, ‘I don’t know if you’ve seen your face recently? I was watching the show, you might wanna take a look at your face.’ Because apparently I have expressions and sometimes I think it’s in my head and it’s not,” Whoopi continued. “My kid will call me and go, ‘Really? I saw it all on your face.’ So my mom used to say that, she used to say, ‘Do you want everyone to know that you want to smack someone in the head? I don’t think that’s good for you.'”

Although, while Emma may be gone, Whoopi has noticed that her only child, Alex Martin, 46, is starting to act like her mom.

Whoopi Goldberg
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“My daughter has decided she’s going to be my mother. ‘You should have a guy in your life!’ No. ‘You should have a girl in your life!’ No. I don’t want anybody in my life. I’m OK. ‘But you’re alone.’ It’s like, ‘I’m OK.’ I had one kid, she has three, and has been married to the same man three different times,” the Ghost star revealed.

Even though Whoopi’s mother has been gone almost ten years, she does remember just how wonderful she truly was. “I’m not sad, because she had a great time,” Whoopi said on The View at the time. “My mother was a great adventure person, so she loved to go on adventures and my brother and I made sure that her life was full and rich.”