Not only is Faith Hill one of the biggest country music stars, but she also has one of the most romantic relationships in the business! The blonde beauty has been a music sensation for years, so fans are dying to know all about her love life and more. Scroll down to get all your burning questions answered!

Who is Faith Hill married to?

Faith married her now husband of 21 years, Tim McGraw, in 1996. The best part? They’re not just husband and wife — they’re co-workers, too! What some may forget is Faith was also married once before — to Daniel Hill from 1988 until 1994.

Faith and Tim met in 1994 when Faith was just going through her divorce and Tim had just called off his engagement to Kristine Donahue. The duo went on their first tour together in 1996 (so cute) and had a romantic moment backstage one day while Faith was engaged to Scott Hendricks. After their first kiss, Faith called off her engagement. Later that year, the duo was married — and soon after that, pregnant with baby No. 1!

What songs do Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sing?

Faith and Tim just announced that their Soul2Sour tour will continue in 2018. On top of that, the couple revealed that their first-ever album together will come out on Nov. 17! Some of their joint songs include “The Rest of Our Life”, “It’s Your Love”, “Let’s Make Love”, “I Need You”, and “Speak to a Girl.”

Does Faith Hill have kids?

Faith and Tim are parents to three daughters: Gracie, 20, Maggie, 19, and Audrey, 15. Faith previously opened up about being a mom. “As a parent, you don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams. It’s been one of the most difficult things for me as a mom — especially as a mom of all girls. You want to protect them; you want to make sure they aren’t disappointed.”

She added, “Sometimes, it’s better to let your children go through things on their own and let them experience it instead of saying, ‘Don’t do it this way, or you must do it this way.'”

Has Faith Hill had plastic surgery?

While rumors have been swirling that Faith has gotten plastic surgery, she’s never admitted to going under the knife. Instead, Faith is just embracing her wrinkles! “The secret is being confident — with your age, with yourself. Life is so precious. We only have one; what’s the point of stressing about all of that?” she shared. “I’m OK with having lines. I’m 50, I want people to know I’ve smiled a lot.”

Where is Faith Hill from?

Faith was born in Ridgeland, MS. She stayed in Mississippi with her adoptive parents for her entire childhood and junior college, but at age 19, she decided to quit school and move to Nashville to pursue her dreams of becoming a country singer.

How old is Faith Hill?

Faith’s birthday is on Sept. 21, 1967. That makes her 50 years old!

How tall is Faith Hill?

Faith is actually a lot taller than we thought! The singer is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Did you think she was shorter or taller on stage?