The cast of HGTV’s hit renovation show Good Bones is dedicated to remodeling homes to their fullest potential. Many fans of the series, which stars Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mom, Karen E. Laine, have wondered what happened to the show’s contractor, Lenny Murrell. Keep scrolling to find out why he left the show and where he is now.

What Happened to Lenny From ‘Good Bones’? 

Good Bones debuted on HGTV in March 2016, with the mother-daughter duo leading a demolition of an Indianapolis home to turn it into an urban oasis. The Victorian estate’s transformation was just one of Mina and Karen’s incredible remodels over the course of the seasons. Along the way, they had help from Lenny and their team full of friends and family members to assist with their projects. 

Mina Starsiak Hawk Home Tour Photos
Courtesy of Steve Hawk/Instagram

The blended Starsiak family is full of big personalities. During the first season of the series, both Mina and Karen mapped out a family tree for viewers of the show. Lenny was formerly married to Cheryl Starsiak, Mina’s half-brother Tad Starsiak’s biological mother. Mina and Tad share the same father, Casey Starsiak. Cheryl died in 2005 and Lenny later married Ginger Murrell

While Mina and Karen admitted their family history is “complicated,” they all got along and worked well together on Good Bones. After appearing throughout the show’s first few seasons with his contracting team, viewers began to notice Lenny had taken a backseat from the series. 

“Just wondering what happened to Lenny on Good Bones,” one fan questioned in a May 2018 tweet. “No mention or sight of him this season.”

Where Is Lenny From ‘Good Bones’ Now? 

Lenny has not returned to Good Bones full-time since disappearing from the series several years ago. Mina’s personal Instagram page, as well as her account dedicated to her Two Chicks and a Hammer design business, is full of family photos with her husband, Steve Hawk, and announcements about her work on HGTV. She did not mention the real reason why Lenny left the show, nor did she announce whether he would be coming back in the future. 

The Good Bones alum has remained rather quiet on his own social media accounts since his departure from the series. Lenny wasn’t the only cast member who took a step back from the program. In September 2019, Karen announced her retirement from Two Chicks and a Hammer and revealed she would be taking a reduced role as a DIY expert on Good Bones.

“Although she is taking a step back from the day-to-day operations, a piece of her will always live on with this company as we carry on with our mission of ‘revitalizing Indianapolis one property at a time,’” Mina reflected at the time in an Instagram post dedicated to her mom.