HGTV’s Erin and Ben Napier were thrilled when they got to renovate a cabin for Grammy-nominated musician Kevin Edlin on their hit show. In a season 5 Home Town episode titled “A Musician’s Retreat,” the couple worked their magic to rebuild the perfect space for the artist to use as a creative haven. Scroll below to find out what happened to him after his January 2021 appearance on the show. 

What Happened to Kevin Edlin From ‘Home Town’? 

Kevin is a Nashville-based music producer who travels frequently to work on projects with singers and bands. With an all-in budget of $100,000, he had a mission of restoring his father’s Mississippi cabin, which was built in 1980 by one of his friends.

“I know this place is in really rough shape but the memories I have inside of it and just how much my dad loved it, that itself makes me want to try to save it,” Kevin said during the episode. 

What Happened to Kevin Edlin From ‘Home Town’? Updates
Courtesy of Kevin Edlin/Facebook

Erin admitted that the cabin could potentially be “too far gone” due to its decaying walls and roof but she was willing to try transforming the property with a “ton of work.” The one-bedroom, one-bathroom home was completely covered in wood from floor to ceiling and did not have any working lights. 

The design duo made sure the 1,000-square-foot property was safe to live in by removing all of the rotted wood and installing vaulted ceilings. Erin and Ben enlisted the help of Mike Husers to preserve the original wood countertops that had a sentimental meaning for Kevin. He was ultimately thrilled with the final reveal, calling the space “bright and airy.” 

“This is everything I could have ever imagined this could be,” the recording engineer gushed while walking through the cabin at the end of the episode. 

Where Is Kevin Edlin Now? 

After watching his dad’s cabin be completely transformed by Erin and Ben, Kevin decided to rent the space on Airbnb. He is still working on music, posting videos from the cabin as he hosts regular jam sessions with his friends. The Home Town alum could not be happier with how the home makeover turned out. 

“I like many different types of modern styles, but always felt a more rural and rustic character would be best for this particular place,” he reflected in January 2021 post on the Laurel Mercantile Co. blog after the episode aired. “I really love lots of dark earth-tone colors and various shades of gray. Erin and the design team took those ideas and made the whole place better than it’s ever been.”