Though traveling has always been one of Luke Hanna‘s biggest passions, he enlisted Erin and Ben Napier to help him plant roots in Laurel, Mississippi. The ICU nurse won the hearts of Home Town viewers with his charming personality during a February 2022 episode. Find out what happened to him after the show. 

What Happened to Luke Hanna From ‘Home Town’?

Luke is originally from Laurel and after years of working as a traveling nurse, he knew it was the perfect place to settle down. At the start of the episode, he explained he “underestimated” how “homesick” he would get while working all over the country. The healthcare professional was ready to fulfill his dream of buying a house close to nature.

What Happened to Luke From 'Home Town'? Life Update
Courtesy of Luke Hanna/Instagram

He ended up purchasing a craftsman bungalow with multiple bedrooms and a huge yard for his dogs. Erin drew inspiration from Luke’s interests in hiking and being outside when it came to choosing a color scheme for the home.

“Erin had asked me about the ultimate color palette for my house, and I gave her vintage national park posters,” Luke shared in a Laurel Mercantile Co. blog post. “They made the interior feel like a cabin with the exposed wooden floors and walls with the blueish green trim. It was like a big swatch of color with real earthy tones. The mantel and the bookcase just became these focal pieces that make my home feel so comfortable and relaxing.”

Luke was blown away by the big reveal at the end of the episode. There were several sweet personal touches added to the space, including the homemade blueberry cobbler that his grandmother brought over to celebrate the new home. 

Where Is Luke Hanna Now? 

In November 2022, Luke announced he was opening up a storefront called Laurel Plant Parlor with his niece, Allie.

“I got my green thumb from my Grandmama,” he shared in a February 2023 Instagram post. “She was my nextdoor neighbor growing up, and I spent every day under her wing learning how to make plants thrive!”

One month later, Luke revealed he took a huge step in his career that has allowed him to spend more time in his new home.

“I took the leap a year ago to begin applying to remote nursing positions where I could work from the comfort of my own home,” he captioned a March 2023 Instagram post. “I dreamed of a day when I could sit in a home office with my pets and plants around me, drink my coffee while it’s still hot and wear sweatpants.”

He continued, “Today marks the start of a new chapter for me and my little family,” adding, “I am starting my new career as a care manager with a fantastic company and I’m beyond relieved.”