Jill and Josh Barrett were excited to find their dream home for their blended family during season 2 of Fixer Upper. The couple fell in love with their midcentury house after Chip and Joanna Gaines worked their magic to transform each room. Scroll below to find out what happened to the pair after the show. 

What Happened to Jill and Josh Barrett From ‘Fixer Upper’? 

Chip and Joanna were already good friends with Jill and Josh prior to making over their home on the show. In fact, Jill and Joanna both had a passion for going to flea markets and antiquing and worked together on other projects in the past. 

Throughout the episode, Joanna admitted that midcentury mod was not typically her style, but she was excited to try something new. The Magnolia Table author was able to preserve the historic integrity of the house, which was built in 1959, while giving the decor a complete refresh and opening up the floor plan. 

What Happened to Jill, Josh Barrett From ‘Fixer Upper’? 
Courtesy of Jill Barrett/Instagram

The big reveal at the end of the episode was nothing short of extraordinary. The Waco, Texas, abode had a gorgeous kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a nursery since Jill was pregnant at the time the episode was filmed. 

“​​Although Waco is famous for many things, modern homes is not one of them,” Joanna reflected on her blog after the episode aired. “We loved taking on the challenge of this home for our friends and hoped to blend the modern elements of the home with the eclectic style Jill and Josh were known for. In the end, the simplicity and clean lines set the home apart and promised new life and many memories for this beautiful family of seven.”

Where are Jill and Josh Barrett Now?

In March 2015, Jill and Josh welcomed their daughter Lyla Kate. They announced the news on Instagram shortly after their episode aired on television. The antique enthusiast’s Instagram account is full of photos of her little girl growing up along with the rest of her siblings. 

As for the house Jill and Josh purchased on the show, the couple began renting it out on both Airbnb and VRBO. The decision to do so came after Josh experienced a pay cut. The duo consulted with Chip and Joanna before listing their rental on the sites. 

“If anything, she was like, ‘Why are you charging so little?’” Jill told Fox News of Joanna’s reaction in September 2017. “They do not have a problem with it at all. They’re very entrepreneurial and they also understand real estate. That is their business. They understand houses are bought and sold all the time.”

The doting mom further reflected that Chip and Joanna hope every home renovation is done for clients with pure intentions. 

“What they don’t want, I think deep down, is for people just to do a home on Fixer Upper with that intent of just VRBO-ing it to try and make a buck,” she added. “They really do put their heart and soul into the home for that family, or that couple or that person.”