During season 4 of Fixer Upper, Vietnam war veteran Bill Graham and his wife, Sherry, received a home makeover from Chip and Joanna Gaines. NFL star Robert Griffin III assisted the couple in the renovation process with his Family of 3 charity to help honor Bill’s nearly four decades of military service. Scroll for more details on what happened to the Grahams after the show. 

What Happened to Bill and Sherry Graham From ‘Fixer Upper’?

Robert was looking to give a local war veteran a home makeover in partnership with his foundation and was particularly moved by Bill’s story. The football player grew up with both of his parents in the Army and traveled all over the world before planting roots in Texas. Family of 3 has allowed Robert to give back to those who have made sacrifices for their country. He felt Bill and Sherry were the perfect recipients of a home transformation. 

The Army Achievement Medal honoree and his wife had been married for 45 years at the time of the episode. The longtime couple lived in Waco, Texas, the same city where Chip and Joanna established their home improvement empire. 

Chip and Joanna Gaines posing
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The HGTV stars and the professional athlete worked together to help open up the rooms more in the couple’s home to make it easier for Sherry to get around. The former beautician battled lung cancer in the past and was declared cancer-free. However, around the time of the home renovation, Sherry received another devastating diagnosis.

“They did the last test, and it was in her back and her liver,” Bill said of his wife’s second bout with cancer during a January 2017 interview with KWTX. “And the doctor was up-front. He gave her six months and she lasted two.”

Sherry did get to see the final reveal of the home before her death at age 69 on October 31, 2016. She broke down in tears as Chip and Joanna walked her through each room of the house to show off the makeover. At the time of the reveal, she was staying in a rehab facility amid her cancer battle but was able to leave for an hour to visit the completed property. 

“It meant everything to her,” Bill reflected on the home makeover. “She was very appreciative of everything. Her words were ‘I can’t believe they picked us.’”

Did Bill and Sherry Graham Have Any Children Together?

Bill and Sherry welcomed two children together during their marriage, son Billy Graham and daughter Sheila Graham. The pair also became grandparents to grandchildren Cody and Caitlynn Graham and Jaiden and Aliviah Graham and great-grandparents to their great-granddaughter, Emmy Graham. Billy reflected on how much the home renovation and support of the community meant to his mom before her death. 

“For the short time mom was here, you wouldn’t believe the difference it made,” he recalled of his mom returning to live her final days at home before her death. “She was on a walker, so the hallways and the doors were wider and that made it a lot easier for her. What it meant to me was finally somebody saw that a deserving person got something that they deserved.”