As the design assistant on Love It or List It, Desta Ostapyk made a splash with her brilliant ideas and eye for style. In recent years, longtime fans of the show have wondered what happened to the TV star and if she is still a cast member of the HGTV series. Scroll below for details on where she is now. 

What Happened to Desta Ostapyk From ‘Love It or List It’? 

Love It or List It is one of HGTV’s biggest sensations thanks to Hilary Farr and David Visentin’s home improvement expertise. Of course, they’ve had help from a talented team of people along the way like Desta, who has been working in the design industry for more than a decade. 

“When I was in school, I was caught in a stalemate between fashion and interior design as a career. When it came time to choose what industry to pursue, I picked interior design on a whim,” she reflected on Instagram in January 2021 about her career beginnings. “My first gig was an internship for design shows Design Rivals and My Parents’ House. ⁠Then one day while on set for My Parents’ House, the style director didn’t show up and I was called to help out on camera.⁠ That spontaneous moment led to my start in the television industry.” 

What Happened to Desta From ‘Love It or List It’? Departure
Courtesy of Desta Ostapyk/Instagram

For five seasons over the course of seven years, the stylist appeared in several episodes of Love It or List It, helping transform spaces in Canada to meet clients’ needs. Once the series moved to the U.S. in 2014, Desta wasn’t sure if she would ever be returning and addressed her absence.

“Now that Love It or List It is in full production in the states, not likely,” she said about the potential of coming back to the show in a previous Facebook post, per Hooked on Houses. “I’ve read a lot of the viewer feedback this week and feel very loved. I want to thank everyone for that. I do miss my girl Hilary, the crew and even David LOL.”

Where Is Desta Ostapyk Now?

Despite not returning to Love It or List It, Desta has continued her career as a designer and home style expert. She has even reunited with her former costar David a number of times since leaving the show and documented their reunions on social media.

“I get asked ALL the time ‘what’s David like in real life?’” she captioned a selfie with the realtor on Facebook in May 2022. “He’s exactly what you’d think by watching #loveitorlistit which is super nice, funny and fun to be around. Love you, D!”

After Love It or List It, Desta made appearances in the series Game of Homes. The Toronto-based art director has also shared helpful home styling tips and pictures of her latest renovations on Instagram and Facebook.