HGTV fans have not stopped talking about the huge design faux pas committed during the season 4 episode of Christina on the Coast titled “Outgrowing Old Spaces.” Host Christina Hall was left completely shocked when clients Amy and Scott decided to seek outside help during their home renovation. Scroll below to find out more about what happened. 

What Happened to Amy and Scott on ‘Christina on the Coast’? 

The episode started off as normal, with Amy and Scott presenting their vision for their home to help better suit their family of five. Christina was excited to tackle the project with the help of design partner James Bender

One of the things Amy and Scott stressed was that they wanted to refresh the fireplace in one of the rooms in their house. Christina estimated that the task could be done for less than $3,000. She made plans to look at tile samples to present to Amy and Scott in the hopes of refurbishing the fireplace. 

In the days that followed, Amy and Scott ended up hiring another person to come in and work on the fireplace. Shock was written all over Christina and James’ faces once they saw the completed project.  

“What the what?” Christina said. “It looks so different in here. When did this happen? How did this happen?” Scott added, “And why are you doing our job?”

The clients explained why they went ahead and enlisted the help of someone else. 

“So, I have some contacts of tile guys,” Amy said. “It just so happened he stopped by, gave us a bid and then he was like, ‘Can I start at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon?’ And I said, ‘OK.'”

Amy and Scott also decided on tiles for their mini bar without consulting Christina and James. Viewers were shocked to see the pair making multiple decisions on their own. 

“I was shocked and appalled that the homeowners had designers and contractors working in their home and went behind their backs on a job that they already asked Christina’s input about, and had it done by a different guy,” one fan wrote on HGTV’s Instagram page after the June 2023 episode aired. 

Christina Hall Broke Her Silence on the Design Blindside

It definitely seemed like Christina and James were surprised by the homeowners’ choices during the episode. In the end, Amy and Scott were satisfied with the renovation. 

“It’s not the first or last time a client went rogue,” Christina told the audience. “It could be a lot worse.” 

She had a message for all of her potential clients who are hoping to work with her on projects. 

“In the future, let’s all communicate,” the mom of three concluded.