Comedian Wanda Sykes’ life changed the day she spotted Alex Niedbalski on a ferry to Fire Island in 2006. Mutual friends later introduced the 2022 Oscars host to the interior designer and their love story began to blossom. The couple got married in 2008 and welcomed twins Lucas and Olivia a year later. 

Even before Wanda was formally introduced to Alex, she revealed to The Guardian in November 2018 that she thought, “Wow, that’s what you need, Wanda,” when she saw the French businesswoman for the first time. 

Wanda Sykes’ Wife Alex Niedbalski: Relationship and Marriage Details
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Wanda, who was previously married to music producer Dave Hall from 1991 to 1998, publicly came out as gay a month after her October 2008 nuptials with Alex. She shared her coming out story in a May 2021 essay for InStyle.

“I was at a [marriage equality] rally in 2008, and I was put on the spot and called up on stage to say a few words,” the mom of two wrote. “I had nothing prepared, but I’m known to wing it, so I just came out right then. And the next thing you know, it was on CNN.”

The Upshaws actress and her wife return to Fire Island each summer since it’s where they first met. The couple celebrated their 13-year wedding anniversary in 2021. The following year, Wanda got the news that she would be cohosting the Oscars with Amy Schumer and Regina Hall. Though she was extremely excited to lead the event, the Emmy Award winner did not tell her wife until the information was made public.

“I can’t tell her stuff because she would drive me nuts asking about it every day,” Wanda told People in March 2022. “Like, I’ll tell her, ‘Oh guess what? I’m shooting a movie in Hawaii,’ as I’m heading to the airport.” 

The comedy writer went on to say that Alex’s biggest concern once hearing the news was, “What am I going to wear?” It’s clear by looking at Alex’s Instagram that she is quite the fashionista. She often shares photos with her wife with sweet captions about their relationship. On Wanda’s birthday in March 2022, Alex shared a selfie with the caption, “​​Happy birthday to my National Treasure. I love you all the way.”