While watching her 3-year-old son, York, grow up, Tyra Banks has started to notice a lot of interesting changes in her kid. She told Closer Weekly and more reporters at the 2019 Breakthrough Prize Awards that York is “very advanced” for his age because of his newfound fascination for science.

“I will say my son is very advanced,” she gushed on Sunday, November 3. “He asked me about symbiosis the other day, and I had to Google it.”

“I was like Symbiotic what does that mean again?!” she hilariously continued. “He was like ‘Mommy it’s symbiosis.’ Oh, yeah now he’s talking about stalagmites and stalactites! He’s not even 4 yet, yeah he’s a good science boy.”

Tyra Banks son

With Tyra’s gorgeous looks and her talent, York will have no problem breaking out into the modeling industry. However, that’s something that Tyra isn’t pushing on her son.

“Only if he wants to,” she explained. “I’m not really into that. If you notice, I don’t put him on social media, for me, personally, I feel like he hasn’t asked for that. So I try to protect him as much as I can.”

The supermodel shares her son with her photographer boyfriend, Erik Asla, and one thing she tries to teach her kid is the value of hard work. “He needs to understand the reason we have a beautiful house is that Mommy kicks ass at work,” she previously explained to In Touch. “I don’t want him to think, ‘Oh, she’s in the entertainment industry and all this stuff just comes with that.'”

In order for York to truly appreciate everything that he has in life, his mom makes sure that he sees her working.

“I let York see me in meetings. I want him to know he’s going to go to a good school and have nice things because I’m working overtime,” she said. “When I have to leave for work. He’ll see me going to the car and start crying and say, ‘Mommy, I want you to be here.’ That’s very difficult.”

It may be too early to tell, but we’re sure York is going to grow up and do amazing things just like his parents!