As a business mogul and hosts to two shows (America's Next Top Model and America's Got Talent), Tyra Banks, 44, is one hardworking mother who wants her son, York Banks Asla, to know the value of earning! While recently speaking to In Touch, Tyra explains how important it is for her two-year-old son to appreciate everything that he has.

"He needs to understand the reason we have a beautiful house is that Mommy kicks ass at work," Tyra says. "I don't want him to think, 'Oh, she's in the entertainment industry and all this stuff just comes with that.'"

Growing up in a one-parent household, Tyra learned a lot from just watching her mother, Carolyn London. Her mom would work two jobs to provide for their family and support her daughter's career. "I always understood the value of hard work," Tyra recalls about her childhood. But after welcoming her first child back in January 2017 after multiple failed IVF attempts with her now ex-boyfriend, Erik Asla, Tyra is teaching her son the same lesson that she learned as a little girl.

"I let York see me in meetings. I want him to know he's going to go to a good school and have nice things because I'm working overtime," she says. "When I have to leave for work. He'll see me going to the car and start crying and say, 'Mommy, I want you to be here.' That's very difficult."

Although the former supermodel can't stand to be away from her son, she knows that she is doing the right thing for his future. But when Tyra gets home, she tries to spend as much time as she can with York, even if that means sharing the same bed. "Co-sleeping. I love it. It's controversial and moms attack each other over it, but I love having that time with him," she admits.

After calling it quits with Erik in 2017, Tyra has been very quiet about her love life. However, she strongly points out to In Touch that she is still looking for love. "If I say I'm co-sleeping with my son, that should give you a hint!"