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John Schneider Reflects on a Career That Began 40 Years Ago With ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’

For actor/singer John Schneider, there’s a reason that he’s still going strong 40 years after debuting in the Classic TV series The Dukes of Hazzard at just 19 — and much of it comes down to diversity. The man went from Dukes to a career in country music, back to acting as Jonathan Kent (Superman’s adopted father) in Smallville, to a stint on Dancing with the Stars, stage appearances, his current series The Haves and Have Nots and, now, he and girlfriend/manager Alicia Allain are mounting festivals in the South, the most recent of which — Bo’s Extravaganza — brought together 10,000 people between celebrities and fans.

“The reason I do this,” says John, a youthful 59, “is I feel like I’m just getting started, so I keep thinking that this one — whatever it may be — is going to be the one. I know that sounds kind of crazy, because people say, ‘You’ve done so much,’ but, really, from my perspective, I’ve yet begun to fight. I keep wanting to diversify things, because I was a theater brat. In theater, you hang a light and you act in it and you sing and you put on a fake beard, you do your own makeup and you do your own hair, so it seems like it’s just the same thing I was doing back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

Courtesy John Schneider

“This last year,” he continues, “between Dancing with the Stars and the big event we just did at the property here [in Louisiana], where we had 10,000 people in our backyard, Alicia and I keep saying, ‘I think we just turned a corner.’ Now people would say, ‘Oh, no, you turned a corner before,’ but, no, not really, because as diverse as it’s been and as fun as everything has been, I really feel like I’ve been stuck on about the third of a five-stage career. I’ve been treading water for the last, maybe, 15 years. But I’ve always been a chronic overachiever anyway.”

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