Given the fact that there are 117 episodes of The Brady Bunch, it’s hard to say which half-hour installment would be our favorite. For the cast, they already know which hilarious scenes they loved acting out with their costars — who became their family over the course of five seasons they were on the air.

“There was an innocence about the pilot episode,” Barry Williams, who portrayed Greg Brady, told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. “We really were getting to know each other. It set the tone.”

Along with the pilot episode, Barry was also a fan of the 1972 episode “Pass The Tabu” because he got the chance to play with an eight-legged friend. “That was my first chance to work with a tarantula,” he recalled about the experience. “Chris [Christopher Knight] was a good sport about it.”

the brady bunch

When The Brady Bunch first premiered in September 1969 — 50 years ago this month — the stars didn’t know how much their lives would change until the series started picking up traction with amazing views.

“Tens of millions of American kids would come home from school, make a peanut butter sandwich and watch The Brady Bunch,” Mike Lookinland exclusively told Closer Weekly about the show’s popularity. “We’re literally on the fourth generation [of people] who grew up with The Brady Bunch!” 

In the show, Mike — who played Bobby Brady — said his favorite episode was 1973’s “Mail Order Hero” when he pretended to be sick in order to meet Joe Namath, a famous football player. “The set became as quiet as a church when he walked in,” Mike recalled the moment that was clearly big for him. But nonetheless, he still had a great time acting with Joe on set!


For Susan Olsen — who played Cindy Brady — her favorite episode was “The Subject Was Noses,” which also premiered in 1973. One thing she admired about the episode was how much of a trooper Maureen McCormick — who played Marcia Brady — was when getting hit in her face with a ball.

“She walked out that door without flinching!” Susan said. “That takes a huge amount of concentration.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re about to start binging every Brady episode right now!

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