Given how much a part of our pop culture life they’ve been for the last half a century, it might be understandable to think that Brady Bunch cast members Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland have been together constantly over the last 50 years. But that would be pretty far from the truth — it’s been 19 years between their last onscreen project and the current HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation. Happily, according to Barry and Maureen, there actually could be more get-togethers on the horizon.

“I think there are all kinds of talk about other things,” Barry explained at HGTV’s premiere event, “and you never know. I think with this [A Very Brady Renovation], it felt right. It was a classy project. It really feels good [and] everything came together. I think if something happened again, it would have to be the right thing. Whether it’s a total comedy or … who knows? We’ve come back so many times, so I think we’d all be looking for something that’s unique and felt good.”


This project was exactly that though, if it was marred by anything, it was the fact that Robert Reed, Florence Henderson and Ann B. Davis (respectively Mike Brady, Carol Brady and Alice) are no longer with us.

“There’s no doubt how proud they would be of it,” he says of the transformation of the interior of the house that served as the exterior of the Brady home to mirror the sets they actually filmed on. “We feel their presence there when we come in to talk about it regularly. We feel them with us tonight. They would be very, very proud. Very pleased. A great deal of attention and specificity went into putting this together and they would love to share it with us.”

Maureen considers what aspect of the house their TV parents would have been most excited about. “I guess Florence would like her bedroom [and] the place where she would sit, her little makeup vanity area. And I guess maybe the staircase, because we did so many photos on that together as a group.” Do you think she means as a bunch?

A Very Brady Renovation premieres on HGTV on Monday, September 9.