When it comes to The Brady Bunch, there is always a story to be told, and in this week’s episode of CloserWeekly.com’s Classic TV Podcast we kick off a two-part conversation with Peter Brady himself, Christopher Knight. In part one, Chris shares his theories on why the show continues to appeal to generation after generation, how he finally came to peace with the fact that it was always going to be a part of his life, lessons learned from the late Robert Reed and how, as a teenager, he was absolutely desperate for the show, and especially The Brady Kids concerts, to be over. Next week, we’ll discuss life after the series, his feelings about each of the spinoffs, his own reality series My Fair Brady and the different directions his life has taken him.


(Photo by Manny Hernandez/WireImage)

At one point, Chris is asked whether the Bradys ever make him feel like Michael Corleone from The Godfather films in that every time he thinks he’s out, they pull him back in. “Well,” he laughs, “I made peace with this quite a while ago. so it’s not like I look at it like pulling me back in. It’s almost as though I laugh at it; it’s like a seven-year cycle where it cycles out, cycles back. This — the HGTV reality show — I think is the last cycle, and it’s a wonderful birthday gift for the 50th Anniversary. A celebration of sorts, and an acknowledgment of the history of a show that has grown to mean more than just a television show. It represents a piece of America and a piece of what America wants to believe it is. It’s a reflection of an inner feeling of the American family and that’s good. That puts us in a favorable position.”

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