Stay strong! Tatum O’Neal recently took to Instagram to show a photo and a video of herself after having back surgery, and let’s just say that she is one tough woman!

The 55-year-old made it clear beforehand that she would be undergoing surgery on her back, and on Tuesday, March 26, the actress shared the aftermath of it. “I MADE IT!! Walking, talking dancing, souls cycle hiking in my near future,” the Oscar-winner captioned a picture of herself in a hospital bed. Take a look at the photo below!

And even though she had just gotten through with her surgery, the Paper Moon star was already on her feet, as she posted a video of herself going through the hospital. “Day of surgery I chose to walk three times down that massive hallway. Had the ALIF Anterior lumbar interbody fusion,” Tatum captioned the clip. She continued, “Congrats to #drneelanand master all things spine. And thank you Laura Balesty for being so helpful to me and @amandaarcherisme and @james_maa.”

She added, “To you my darling Sean I don’t know what I’d do without you your sage-like wisdom and belief in me through all my f–k ups with which there were many. Without you I would not have made it for sure!!! Thank you my darling son!!! There are no words to describe my love for you honey. I love you.” Check it out below!

Tatum isn’t the only member of her family that has found themselves in the hospital lately — most recently, her father, Ryan O’Neal, was at a doctor’s office getting a checkup. “With my legendary dad!” Tatum captioned a photo on Instagram showing her father sitting in a medical checkup with a tube attached to his nose. She added, “Trying to get his heart fixed up!!”

We wish Tatum and Ryan a speedy recovery!