Just days after Tatum O’Neal took to Instagram to share a photo of herself sitting with her famous father, Ryan O’Neal, at a doctor’s office while the 77-year-old actor was “trying to get his heart fixed up,” the star returned to the social media outlet on Valentine’s Day to pen a sweet note to her dad.

“Dear Daddy, Happy St. Valentine’s Day! I found a picture of us in better times. I want to tell you that I am me because of you, and I mean all my good qualities,” the Paper Moon actress, 55, captioned a throwback photo of herself and Ryan smiling and laughing while sitting side-by-side. “The way I have taught my children the joy of irony and how to love. The ability to laugh ourselves. Love of movies. I wish things could be different that I could have made choices you could be more proud of. I have to live with myself and take pride in the woman I am today for better or worse.” Check out Tatum’s V-Day post to Ryan below!

Tatum added, “All I wanted, was for you to feel my love for you and know there is no preexisting reasons except that I love you!! Just know that! Baby Mozart at your feet. Love your daughter.”

The two had previously been estranged for 20 years, but it seems they are working to patch things up today. During an exclusive 2018 interview with Closer Weekly, Tatum revealed, “I think he’s still really mad at me, as well — I’m not quite sure why. Some people just stay mad and all you can do is try to take care of your side of the street.” Thankfully, it seems the father-daughter duo’s relationship has some a long way since then.

Tatum Oneal Ryan Oneal
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In addition to being known for Paper Moon — which she starred in with her father — Tatum is also known for her role in The Bad News Bears. Ryan’s most famous film is Love Story and he was later honored with the Best Actor Oscar in 1970 for his performance.