Remember Grease star Stockard Channing? The 73-year-old doesn’t look much like she did in the hit ’70s film, and while some may blame old age, many fans are convinced the actress has had plastic surgery, too.

Stockard made a rare appearance on Lorraine recently, and viewers were quick to criticize her on her look. Watch the video below to see Stockard on the talk show and find out what fans had to say about her!

After Stockard was shamed on social media, Closer Weekly exclusively chatted with plastic surgeons who weighed in on her appearance. Dr. Andrew Miller said she may have had fillers to enhance the cheeks. “She also may have had a mini facelift to keep her jawline smooth,” he added.

And Dr. Adam Hamawy agrees. “Stockard Channing looks like she has taken measures to try to slow down the aging process. In addition to a probable facelift, it looks like she’s had fat transferred to her face,” he told Closer. “She also looks like she’s had multiple laser resurfacing treatments to smoothen out some the fine wrinkles that have formed over time.” According to Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, she likely had fillers in her lips and cheeks as well. He also think she may have gotten “Botox for the forehead” and “likely a upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty.”

Stockard has never admitted to getting any plastic surgery procedures done, but she has opened up about her still-booming career. During her Lorraine interview, she opened up about an exciting new project. “I’m now in a play on Broadway. It’s been a fantastic run, its been long, 16 weeks. It’s a great company of people,” she said.

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And even though she’s on the stage now, no one has forgotten her role as Rizzo in Grease 40 years ago. “It’s a little daunting when you come out of the theatre and people are shoving photos in your face. It’s like yes, that’s great, but it was such a long time ago,” she said. “I am the world’s oldest living teenager!”