Shelley Duvall Is Still Looking for Her Fairy Tale! See the ‘Shining’ Actress’ Dating History

Aside from the handful of hit TV shows and films Shelley Duvall has starred in, she’s lived the majority of her life out of the spotlight. This didn’t stop her from finding love, though, as she dated some famous men in Hollywood over the years. She was also involved in a few low-profile relationships, including with her ex-husband, Bernard Sampson.

Shelley was married to her first and only spouse, Bernard, from 1970 to 1974, which was during the time she was establishing her status as a star in showbiz. However, the two never had any children together and after four years of marriage, they called it quits.

After they divorced, Shelley focused on her Hollywood career, but she eventually was led into the arms of musician Paul Simon. The two met when the Emmy Award nominee briefly lived in New York City to film Woody Allen‘s Annie Hall in 1976, according to reports. The “You Can Call Me Al” crooner portrayed the role of Tony Lacey, while Shelley appeared as a Rolling Stone reporter.

After connecting on the hit movie set, sparks flew between Shelley and Paul and the two eventually moved in together in New York City. During a rare interview with The Hollywood Reporter in February 2021, the Popeye actress recalled what it was like living with the Grammy winner.

“I was at a really scary scene [in a movie], and I didn’t hear Paul come in. He snuck up behind and went, ‘Bla!’ I went, ‘Ahhh!’ I got really mad at him,” he jokingly recalled. “I said, ‘Why did you do that?'”

Though things appeared to be going well for Shelley and Paul, the two ultimately called it quits after two years of dating. As the Faerie Tale Theatre alum recalled to THR, Paul ended their romance just moments before she was about to board a plane to London to start filming The Shining on New Year’s Day in 1979.

Fortunately, Shelley moved on, and eventually, she gave love another shot. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, she dated Stanley Wilson and Ringo Starr before finding love with Dan Gilroy. Though Shelley has since left the spotlight and retired in 2002, she told THR she is still romantically involved with Dan, her companion of more than 30 years.

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