When Shannen Doherty revealed her breast cancer has returned and has progressed to stage IV, her good friend Sharon Osbourne immediately started sending out “good vibes” to the Beverly Hills, 90210 star.

“She is a wonderfully brave young woman and the fight that this woman has had over a number of years, it’s immeasurable,” the 67-year-old said about Shannen, 48, on the Tuesday, February 4, episode of The Talk. “I mean, the pain that this woman has gone through and she’s so dignified, so positive, so strong and it just breaks you up to hear she’s going through this again in her life after the last struggle that she had.”


“You know what? I send her positive vibes and love,” Sharon continued before tearing up. “Everybody send this woman good vibes only and pray for her because you know what? She’s worth a good prayer. She’s one hell of a woman.”

When Shannen opened up about her cancer battle on Good Morning America earlier that same day, she said she wanted the world to know about her health because it was going to come out due to an ongoing lawsuit she has against State Farm. That part was very hard for Marie Osmond to hear.

“That’s the hard thing about being in the public eye and I know it’s in communities for everyone out there as well but for her to have to come forward with something so private — maybe even before she’s ready to, you know. It’s hard,” Marie, 60, said.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon then explained why it was so heartbreaking for her to hear about Shannen’s aggressive cancer return.

“I just always had a soft spot for her. From the first time I met her and over the years our paths have crossed for the last 20 years,” the British TV personality said. “And I’ve just always had this soft spot. This little girl. This tiny little girl and she’s got the most vulnerable eyes you could ever look into and she’s just a good woman. She is.”

We’re sending Shannen a ton of good vibes.