Now that Shania Twain has kicked off her Shania Twain NOW tour, the singer is speaking out about about her recent Lyme disease diagnosis is affecting her latest string of concerts. “Lyme disease does affect your life for sure. It’s such a silent evil thing. A lot of the symptoms you just learn to live with. I was lucky that I caught it early. I did get a lot of damage but I’m not battling with degenerative organ issues so I feel very fortunate,” Shania, 52, revealed in a new interview.

“By the time you’re my age, you have something. Everybody’s got something in some form of their life. I’m proud of myself on one hand for persevering,” she told E! News. As for Shania’s pre-show ritual, the music icon admitted her traditions have changed a bit after her diagnosis. “It’s more work for me now vocally because of the Lyme disease effect on the nerves in my larynges so it’s like an hour and a half of like physical exercise. I take a mini trampoline with me and I’ve got to do a real pre-show show.”

Shania previously announced last August that she is going on tour again with the help of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Before announcing Shania as his guest, Jimmy plugged the Queen of Country’s new album, NOW, and proclaimed tickets for her latest North American Tour, Shania Twain NOW, would be going on sale. “She is a global superstar and the top-selling female country artist of all time. She’s going to release her highly-anticipated new album, NOW, next month [and] we’re also happy to announce that Shania will be going on tour in 2018,” Jimmy told his excited audience.

Understandably, Shania’s loyal fans couldn’t contain their excitement over the singer’s huge announcement. “Yes, happiest day! @ShaniaTwain is going on tour ??????,” one person wrote on Twitter with another adding, “Shania Twain is going on tour, life couldn’t be better!” The news is extra awesome because it comes two years after Shania went on her Farewell Tour after a more than a decade-long hiatus from performing.

“I’m finally, after 11 years, going back on tour. This is going be a big, big tour for me, because it’s going to be my last. It’s a celebration tour for me,” she said on Good Morning America at the time. A source additionally told Closer Weekly that Shania was viewing her farewell tour as a “victory lap” before retiring from the music industry. “Shania’s said this tour feels like a closing of one chapter of her life — it’s like a victory lap [for her] audiences across the US and Canada… She’s really looking forward to it,” an insider revealed. We’re so glad Shania has changed her mind and is going on another tour!