Even celebrities struggle with parenting, especially when they have to do it alone. Recently Selma Blair opened up about being a single mom to her son Arthur, now six, when he was only one year old. She split with fashion designer Jason Bleick in 2012, and that put a ton of pressure on her to parent alone.


“I did not have a support system. I was an older, tired, single mom,” she told Us Weekly at the Alliance of Moms’ Raising Baby event in Los Angeles. “As much as I loved my child, I was really lost… lost for for, like, four-and-a-half years. I kind of hit rock bottom.” Poor thing! Selma didn't want to acknowledge that she was suffering for a long time, but once she did, she felt so much better.

“I shut myself off from everyone, and it wasn’t until I accepted some help that I could just flourish as a mom,” she explained, finally realizing that “I don’t have have to do this alone.” Not only did she find a network of other moms to support her, but now she has director boyfriend Ron Carlson to help her out. He knows a thing or two about kids because he's head-over-heels for his own eight-year-old, Chloe.


“Arthur and Chloe are best friends. Best friends. Love each other,” she explained. “They build forts out of real tree stuff. And they love when we go camping. But more than anything, they really just love presents! They both equally love presents more than anyone I’ve ever met besides me!” Selma seems thrilled to have such a doting father as her significant other, and it's also awesome that Chloe and Arthur are around the same age! Keep being a great mom, Selma!