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Hey Bud, Let's Party!The Cast of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ Has Changed a Lot Since 1982

Attention Duuudes! It’s been 36 years since Fast Times at Ridgemont High first hit theaters — and it remains one of the coolest teen movies of all time! After all this time, we decided to see what Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, and the rest of the Ridgemont High students have been up to since 1982.

While there was never a sequel of the hit movie, it did inspire a spin-off called Fast Times in 1986, which featured popular actors including Patrick Dempsey, Claudia Wells, and more. The series sadly only lasted seven seasons.

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That said, we’re craving another Fast Times movie, although, we’re not sure if it will ever happen — and if it does, Sean seems like he’d sit it out. While the ’80s was a booming time in Sean’s career, he recently revealed that he’s basically close to retirement because he no longer enjoys working in Hollywood.

“I think that this has been true for some time,” he shared in late March. “It can be great when you’re working with good actors or good directors or good writing as an exercise, but do I have a belief that it has a lasting value? Maybe, I could make the argument intellectually. But I don’t have a visceral — I’m not in love with that anymore.”

But since Sean didn’t even have to audition for the Jeff Spicoli role (he was cast after a chat prior to his scheduled audition!), we’re sure getting him back for Fast Times at Ridgemont High 2 wouldn’t be a problem! Apparently, Sean had so much fun with the movie that he even played the role the entire time on set. If anyone didn’t call him “Spicoli,” he simply wouldn’t answer, earning him the nickname “Sean DeNiro.” Fingers crossed the cast reunites for a second installment soon!

Click through the gallery below to see the cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High then and now!