Leslie Bibb has long been hailed as the new Angelina Jolie due to her appearance and feisty personality — and now a source exclusively tells Closer that the upcoming White Lotus star’s passionate love life with Sam Rockwell is up there with Angie’s antics back in her heyday.

Leslie, 49, and her partner of 17 years, 55, have been linked since 2007, when they reportedly met in Los Angeles as he was filming Frost/Nixon. Throughout the years, they have even shared the screen together, both appearing in Iron Man 2 and Don Verdean.

As the source explains, “Sam and Leslie have an interesting, extremely sex-positive relationship even by Hollywood standards, and it’s managed to work for going on two decades, even without the benefit of kids or even a marriage license.”

Though Sam and Leslie haven’t officially tied the knot despite being together for nearly 20 years, they both have previously said that “communication and good sex” are what keep their relationship alive.

“When you’re around them, the physical attraction they have with one another is undeniable and they have the energy of a couple in their early 20s, not showbiz veterans twice that age,” says Closer‘s source. “They just have this very intense, white-hot vibe and rock-solid connection that makes them one of the hottest couples out there, especially by Hollywood’s standards.”

With Leslie set to star in the highly anticipated third season of The White Lotus and Sam slated to work on a slew of upcoming projects, the couple appears to be happy with their current relationship status — which doesn’t include children.

“Even after Sam won his Oscar a few years ago, it’s become abundantly clear to everybody who knows them how much they love their work, and children would only distract from that,” says the source. “They remind you of what Brad [Pitt] and Angelina would have been like if everything went right for them and they didn’t adopt all those kids. Sam’s whole world is Leslie, and Leslie’s whole world is Sam, and there’s not a lot of room for anybody else in that equation.”

Still, the source shares, anything is possible when it comes to their future together.

“They haven’t openly ruled out the idea of a family together, but they’ve certainly put it off for a long time just because they enjoy each other and their jobs so much,” says the source. “And Leslie has positioned herself for another re-invention by getting into the third season of The White Lotus, because that was a role literally every available actress in her age range was going after. Things are really looking up for her!”