In a candid interview with Closer Weekly, Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland shares how she met Bob Dylan and why she was so “obsessed” with him.

“When I met Bob, it was the first time I felt somebody was looking through me, and I had an out-of-body experience,” Sally, 74, shares with Closer. “I think I’m single today because I was obsessed — I had two marriages where both men told me they felt like they were in bed with me and Bob!”

“I knew [his friend] Joan Baez from when we were both performing in Cambridge [Mass.] I was in a receiving line at Carnegie Hall in the early 60s, looked in his eyes and was in shock,” Sally recalls to Closer of meeting Bob for the first time. “Here I was meeting my love, my idol… I had his pictures on the wall. I became more obsessed.”

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Bob in 1964 (left) and Sally in 1979 (right).

“He moved to California in 1972, so I had to move there, thinking, I’m not going to stop until I’m with him!” she continued.

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Sally tells the story of how she finally started dating Bob. “In 1975, my girlfriend [who grew up with Bob] promised that if I made her a manager, she would put me together with Bob,” she said. “She brought me to his Rolling Thunder Revue, and he said, ‘You remind me of a girl from the north country.’ I told him we had met before and that I’d been in love with him ever since. He said, ‘Will you go with me to Houston?’ and asked me to dance onstage. He’s singing all of these songs written about Joan Baez, but to me. I was in ecstasy!”

Sally and Bob were together in 1975, 76, then the late 80s and late 90s. “We kept coming back to each other,” she says. “I always send him birthday letters, and saw his last concert in LA.”

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