You may have missed it, but the movie Instant Family not only is currently playing in theaters, but it has been getting great reviews. The film stars Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg as a couple who decide to foster three children. And because of that, Rose decided to sit down with Sunday Life magazine to talk about how parenthood is portrayed.

The 39-year-old actress is all about showing the harsh reality of parenthood on the big screen, especially in an age of “aspirational” social media.

Rose Byrne
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“There is so much aspiration around motherhood and fatherhood and families, particularly around social media,” the Australian actress says. “Presenting these sorts of ideas is what life is like in reality.” Rose also revealed that she felt “uncomfortable” playing scenes in Instant Family where her character admits she hates her foster children.

“I felt so exposed,” Rose says. “Then I realized that’s what it’s supposed to feel like, I am supposed to feel uncomfortable and that’s OK.” Rose is the mother of children, two-year-old Rocco and one-year-old Rafa, the latter who she shares with partner, actor Bobby Cannavale. Rose is also a stepmom to Bobby’s son Jack. Rose did recently say that “being a mother changes everything.”

Rose and Bobby
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“You’re always thinking about it — and then everything else,” Rose said. “It informs everything you do.” Rose also mentioned how much more she knows about the adoption process thanks to starring in Instant Family. “I don’t know where to begin in terms of what I learned,” Rose said. “I learned everything. I was really naive about the foster care system. To have seen the inspirational side of this, in terms of what can be achieved and what can be done, and to be part of the movie — it’s about trying to bring joy to these kids and lose the stigma of being a foster kid.”

Rose can next be seen, or heard, in I Am Mother, where she voices a character only known as…wait for it…mother.