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Robin Williams — His Funniest, Scariest, and Oddest Movies Remembered

The phrase one-of-a-kind has been thrown in the direction of a lot of people, though very few of them have actually been deserving of it. Robin Williams was. Right from the start of his career, he proved himself to be a comic presence that the world simply hadn't seen before or since his passing back in 2014. Discovered while performing his successful stand-up routine in San Francisco and Los Angeles, he found himself guest-starring on an episode of ABC's Happy Days, where he went toe-to-toe with the Fonz in an effort to find out more about humans and Earth. The response to his appearance was immediate and electric, and in the fall of 1978 he found himself co-starring with actress Pam Dawber in the sitcom Mork & Mindy.

An immediate success, he stayed with the show until its end four seasons later, playing Mork from Ork who, as was the case on Happy Days, is still trying to learn, with Mindy as one of his closest mentors. As grateful as he was for the regular gig, it wasn't long before Robin started feeling confined by the television censors, so he set out to start making movies. The first was Popeye, which had an unreality that wasn't all that different from Mork. But by 1987, things were changing as he starred in Barry Levinson's critically acclaimed Good Morning, Vietnam, which demonstrated a depth in performance that few had suspected. There was much more to come, and this is our look at some of those films.