Apparently, when Rita Wilson tied the knot with Tom Hanks back in 1988, her mom, Dorothy Wilson, didn’t totally approve of her marrying the actor because he isn’t Greek. “She could not believe that I didn’t marry a Greek man,” Rita told Us Weekly in a new interview, adding that Tom did join the Greek Orthodox Church before they got hitched. “But [my parents] thought he looked enough Greek and that he could blend in!”

Today, Rita, 61, and Tom, 62, have been happily married for 30 years and share two adult sons —  Chet, 28, and Truman, 22 — together. While chatting with Us Weekly, Rita also admitted that her kids don’t like to bring home their dates or talk about their girlfriends around her.

rita and her mom, dorothy. (photo credit: getty images)

Rita and her mom, Dorothy. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


“My kids won’t even discuss women with me! It comes out in dribs and drabs, because they know that they will not bring anybody home that isn’t a serious person,” she candidly revealed. Though Rita said she wants Chet and Truman to find their own soul mates, she sometimes understands why other parents want to help choose their kids’ spouses.

“Because who would know your child better than the mother, am I right? If the wrong person comes along, it could be a disaster,” she shared. Thankfully, Chet and Truman have their parents’ successful marriage as a good example of a strong union.


tom with rita and their son chet. (photo credit: getty images)

Tom with Rita and their son Chet. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


“I prayed to God every day for years that he’d bring me somebody I loved who loved me in the same way. And he brought me Tom,” Rita once said about her husband. Tom also previously told Oprah, “I view my wife as my lover, and we have a bond that goes beyond words like wife or girlfriend or mother.”

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