Courtesy of Ree Drummond/ Instagram

Time flies! Ree Drummond‘s 17-year-old son, Bryce Drummond, is getting ready for his final year of high school. The mom of four celebrated his big milestone by giving him a lovely shout-out on Instagram.

“My kid is gearing up for his senior year. I can’t believe he’s not a little blonde pookie head anymore. I guess I’ll have to settle for big blonde pookie head,” she gushed next to a photo of her son in his football uniform. “Proud of you, Bryce! Keep workin’, keep growin’, keep the faith.”

Ree Drummond son Bryce
Courtesy of Ree Drummond/ Instagram

Ree, 51, shares Bryce and her three other kids, Alex, 23, Paige, 20, and Todd, 16, with her husband, Ladd Drummond. While in quarantine, Bryce and his siblings have been helping their mom shoot her famous Food Network show, which they like to call, The Pioneer Woman: Staying Home.

“We have a learning curve with technology and a few things … [There is] a lot more cutting up and definitely more bloopers. And so a lot of that is included. Some angles of the camera you see Alex filming and so it’s a little more gritty and it was a lot of fun,” Ree gushed to People in April. “We said, ‘Let’s just be messy about it because that’s exactly what this situation is.’ It was quite messy, but the kids did a great job and it kept them out of trouble.”

Bryce will continue helping his mom around the house until he starts his senior year of high school. Once he graduates, the world will be his oyster. Bryce could consider going to college like his older sisters, Alex and Paige. But if that happens, Ree will definitely have a hard time sending him off. The Christmas Cookie Challenge star could barely hold back her tears when she dropped Paige off at school.

Ree Drummond and family
Courtesy of Ree Drummond/ Instagram

“Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your child at college is no picnic,” she said on Instagram next to a pic of her holding her daughter. “I’ve done it once before and thought maybe this time would be a little easier. I think it’s a little harder. But through all the tears, I see this clearly: What a joy it is to usher her into the next stage of her life. Paige, I’m so grateful to be your mom.”

With a mother like Ree, Bryce will accomplish anything he sets his mind to.