Reba McEntire is all about feeling beautiful in her own skin. The “Fancy” singer stood her ground when a stylist tried to change her look in the past.

Reba, 69, recalled a time when a stylist put her in a strapless dress to wear to an event. The Voice coach admitted to being “uncomfortable and self-conscious” in the outfit as she had to keep pulling up the top of the dress to keep it from falling.

“I said, ‘OK, from now on, never anything like that again,’” she told People in an interview published on Tuesday, April 9.

The experience made Reba realize that she should dress how she wants and not be afraid to voice her opinions if something makes her uncomfortable.

“It took me a while to gain that confidence to stand up to a professional stylist, hair and makeup person and say, ‘That’s not me. I don’t like that,’” the Reba actress refelected. “And they’d say, ‘Well, yeah, you just sit here and we’ll make sure you look just right.’ I said, ‘Well, make me look like me.’”

Reba, known for her red hair and elegant red carpet looks, also revealed the secret to her age defying look.

“I hydrate inside and out,” she told the outlet. “I have to make sure I’m getting a lot of hydration by the water I drink, the drinks I drink, the food I eat. It’s very important to hydrate the inside of your body. I’ve got very dry skin, so I have to be sure to hydrate or I look older than I should. It’s small things like that you have to do on a daily basis to keep your body in good shape.”

Reba McEntire talks stylist
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The hitmaker named Dolly Parton as one of her style icons, referring to her as a “role model.” Reba previously shared a sweet memory with her fellow country queen and one of the reasons she is a fan of Dolly for life.

“She’s special because she came from a bare-bones, hard life. She survived. She improvised. She persevered. She followed her dreams … and she’s still doing it. I love how she treats everyone as equals,” Reba told The Hollywood Reporter in November 2023. “When she did the Reba show, everybody was already in love with her, but the way she treated everyone from the actors to the crew behind the scenes, she had them as fans for the rest of their lives.”