Queen Elizabeth is telling it like it is!

According to the Associated Press, the 90-year-old monarch recently confessed the Chinese officials her team met with during their 2015 state visit to China were “very rude.”

queen elizabeth getty images

Queen Elizabeth in April 2014.

Apparently the Queen didn’t like how they treated Barbara Woodward, the British ambassador to China, during their meeting to discuss trading between England and China.

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“They were very rude to the ambassador,” Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s great-grandmother allegedly said during a taped conversation with Police Commander Lucy D’Orsi at a Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday, May 10.

queen elizabeth getty images

Queen Elizabeth meeting Chinese officials in October 2015.

D’Orsi — who accompanied Woodward on the China trip last year — then told Queen Elizabeth a negative story about one of Woodward’s unfortunate interactions with the Chinese officials. “They walked out on both of us,” she shared. “It was very rude and undiplomatic, I thought.”

We certainly wouldn’t want to get on the Queen’s bad side, that’s for sure!