Prince William and Kate Middleton didn’t get much sleep on Christmas Day, and the reason why is something that plenty of parents can relate to.

While taking their annual walk to Christmas Day church services near Queen Elizabeth‘s Sandringham estate, William, 36, and Kate, 36, happened to stop to talk to some nearby fans that were of course watching the royal members. When the couple was asked how early they were woken up on Christmas, William had an answer most parents know all too well: “This morning was about 5 a.m.” The Duchess of Cambridge smiled when the crowd groaned upon hearing how early they were up.

Prince William, Kate and Family
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Jill Lee, a fan of the royal family, said Kate even told her a similar story. According to Hello!, Jill revealed, “I said to Kate, ‘Were the children up early?’ and she said, ‘Very early, but it was lovely to see their faces.’” In fact, Kate also revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte woke up eager to open their gifts, which in a way broke a royal Christmas tradition, as gifts are typically opened on Christmas Eve. And even though they’re royals, that doesn’t mean they don’t last-minute Christmas shop, because that’s exactly what Kate reportedly did too.

According to The Sun, Kate and her kids were actually spotted shopping at UK discount store The Ridge. Kate reportedly bought “trolley-loads of pictures, children’s books, and artist materials then queued at the tills.” The family was even seen by onlookers, as one person said, “I did a double-take when I saw her. You don’t expect to see royals shopping at The Range.” The onlooker added, “I recognized little Prince George holding Kate’s hand and ­Charlotte with a red bow in her hair. Their protection officers were keeping a discreet distance so they looked like any other family out grabbing last-minute Christmas bargains.”

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