When you were five-years-old did you have your own Christmas tree in your bedroom? In fact, now that you’re a full grown adult do you have your own Christmas tree or do you have a plant that you bought at the farmer’s market that you just threw a red ribbon on? Well we should probably tell you that Prince George and Princess Charlotte each have their very own Christmas tree.

That’s right, folks. George and Charlotte’s grandmother, Carole Middleton, revealed to The Telegraph that her grandchildren each get their own Christmas tree each year while you have to share a festive cactus with your three other roommates. Carole says each child gets their own tree so they can “decorate it themselves.” George and Charlotte also each get their own room when they visit their grandmother at Bucklebury Manor in West Berkshire, where Carole lives with her husband Michael. “That makes me sound as though I live in a mansion, doesn’t it?” Carole said.

Carole Middleton
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Kate Middleton‘s mom also revealed to the outlet that she has put off a vacation because she would miss her grandkids too much. “I’d love to travel, but then I’d miss the grandchildren,” the 63-year-old said. Carole enjoys being there for her grandkids so much that it was recently reported that she took up a job as a school crossing guard at George’s school in order for her to spend more time with him.

“The grandparents are encouraged to get involved and be a part of daily school life,” a source said. “There’s a rota for a couple of jobs, and lollipop lady’ing is one of the most popular. Carole has no airs and graces, and really gets stuck in — she is very popular with staff and pupils alike.”

Charlotte and George
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But again, the real news here is that if you’re a toddler in the royal family you get your very own Christmas tree. And if you’re an adult with an average job in the real world you’ll get a pair of socks from your grandmother and you will like it.

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