Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are leaving the Golden State. It’s only temporary, though, as the pair are setting off for a trip up North to Canada.

From February 14 to February 16, the couple will be in attendance at the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025’s One Year to Go event, per People. Members of the International Invictus Community are expected to attend in order to prepare for next year’s Invictus Games.

Harry, 39, founded the Invictus Games in 2014 after returning home from deployment in Afghanistan. He aimed to “shine a spotlight on these men and women who served” and offer “a recovery pathway for international wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women.”

The Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 is expected to bring more than 500 competitors from over 20 nations to compete in an array of sporting events. Categories included in the winter sports contest will be Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, skeleton and wheelchair curling.

“The Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 will offer a global platform to expand the range and profile of winter adaptive sports,” Harry said, per the official Invictus Games website. “With deep respect, I’m also pleased to share that the Games in Canada will be held in partnership with the First Nations, in the spirit of truth and reconciliation with indigenous communities.”

Another huge life event that inspired Harry to create the Invictus Games was the birth of his two children, Archie and Lilibet.

“Being a dad certainly adds another emotional layer to it,” the Spare author told People in April 2022. “When I was in the Army, I promised myself I would be out before having a wife and kids, because I couldn’t imagine the heartache of being apart for so long during deployment, the risk of possibly getting injured and the reality that my family’s lives could be changed forever if that happened. Every member of the Invictus community has experienced varying degrees of these things. I have tremendous respect for what they and their families sacrifice in the name of service.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at volleyball game
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Harry and Meghan currently live in a gorgeous mansion in California’s Montecito neighborhood, which they purchased for $14 million in 2020. Fans of the couple may remember when Harry and Meghan made their debut at the Invictus Games in Toronto in 2017. They got married the following year.

“There is nowhere you can feel more embraced and supported than with the Invictus family,” he reflected. “The Toronto Games were our first time out and about publicly in an official way. We were dating at the time, so it was a lot to take in, but fortunately, we were with the perfect community for that.”