With only a short time left before baby No. 2 arrives, Carrie Underwood is soaking up all the alone time she has left with her first-born, Isaiah Fisher. And the pregnant mama was feeling thankful when the youngster snuggled up and used her pregnant baby belly as a headrest on Christmas.

“I’m thanking the Lord tonight for His Son while I cuddle with mine,” the 35-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Watching Christmas movies with him while he uses my big belly as a pillow. Sweet ending to another great Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you, from my family to yours!” Take a look at the adorable pic below!

In the snap, Carrie is seen lounging in comfy clothes as the three-year-old’s brunette head rests on her pregnant tummy. The “Cry Pretty” singer’s husband, Mike Fisher, was also spotted snuggling up to the two as the merry holiday came to an end.

“Using your belly as a pillow and daddy as a footrest. Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas,” one fan wrote in the comments section. We imagine the Christmas festivities wore out Carrie, Mike, and Isaiah as they pranced around in their matching onesies — yes, there was even one for their adorable pup.

This was a special Christmas for the Underwood-Fisher gang as it marks the last holiday season as a family-of-three. After announcing that she and Mike, 38, were expecting a second baby in August, Carrie is just about reaching the homestretch. And it’s safe to say that the country music star is reaping the effects of her dwindling pregnancy.

Carrie recently took to Twitter one early morning when she admitted to having a difficult time sleeping. “Dear pregnancy insomnia, please go bother someone else… like dads,” the blonde beauty wrote at around 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 20. “Go bother dads. My husband sleeps so soundly and peacefully and I’ve been awake for two hours (so far). How is this fair? Imma lose my mind!”

However, Carrie came up with a good idea on how to pass the time. “Worst part about insomnia = waking up this morning to see what I bought online while I was up,” she confessed five hours after her first tweet. “I just realized I spent over $600 on makeup. #SeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime #HelpMe #TakeAwayMyShoppingApps #ButThereWasASale.”

Perhaps the next time Carrie experiences some insomnia, she can buy some new toys or clothes for her little bundle of joy. Don’t worry girl: When in doubt, shop it out!