We can finally put those rumors to rest! Paula Abdul opened up about getting a cosmetic procedure — not plastic surgery — on a new episode of The Wendy Williams Show, revealing exactly what she has had done.

“So, you know, women of our age, we start really looking for treatments, aesthetic treatments that resonate. I was thinking, I’m going to have my residency, I want to do something, but I wasn’t ready to have the big incisions or a face-lift,” the 57-year-old performer explained.

Paula Abdul

In order to get exactly what she wanted, Paula went to a company that could give her the ageless face that she desired. “So I was trying to navigate and I found this company and they have this procedure that’s called Face Tight and Body Tight,” she said. “And what I loved about it is it’s minimally invasive. No noticeable scars. I was out walking around two or three days later.”

With much anticipation, Wendy interrupted Paula and asked, “What did you do?”

“OK, I’m getting there,” the “Forever Your Girl” singer replied. “Skin elasticity, I wanted a little sleeker jawline.”

Paula then gave Wendy a few more details about the procedure she got done. “Look. So it’s radio-frequency you can get numbed or if you’re a wimp like me they can give you an Ativan,” she explained.

However, the most surprising part about Paula’s new face was how long it took to get it all done. According to the former American Idol judge, she said she was probably in the doctor’s office for maybe “less” than an hour. However, the details are a little fuzzy for her because she recalls being a tad bit “loopy” at the time.

“I remember being a little loopy,” she said about her reaction to the medicine her doctor gave her. “But what I love about it is there’s no visible scars, no big incisions.”

After Wendy took a closer look at Paula’s face she couldn’t deny that her friend’s work was done flawlessly. “I don’t see anything except for a flat neck,” she said, and Paula appeared to be very proud with the results.

Cosmetic procedure or not, you still look gorgeous, Paula!