She promised to stay “Forever Your Girl,” but that doesn’t mean she can stay girlish forever. At age 55, singer, dancer, and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul has to deal with the effects of aging just like everyone else, and though she’s always been mum about plastic surgery, some experts say she appears to have made a few subtle adjustments.

“It looks like she’s had Botox in her forehead and a rhinoplasty,” plastic surgeon Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell — who, like the other doctors quoted here, hasn’t worked with Paula — recently told Life & Style magazine. “She remains a beauty, but her over-filled cheeks look unnatural.” Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kirk Brandow also thinks Paula has over-filled cheeks, but he’s otherwise complimentary. “Her skin looks excellent,” he noted. “She must have an impeccable skin care regimen that helps her remain youthful.”

paula abdul 2003

Paula in 2003.

On the whole, plastic surgeon Dr. Josef Hadeed thinks Paula’s maintenance has been superb. “If she’s had anything done, it is certainly subtle,” he said. “I would not do a single thing differently on her!” According to Dr. DeLuca-Pytell, Paula may have turned to Botox to subtly alter her look. “Paula’s smooth forehead is likely the result of Botox,” she said. The estimated cost of wrinkle-fighting forehead injections is $500 a pop. As for the singer’s eyes? Dr. Hadeed observed that the area under Paula’s eyes appears fuller, which he says could be the result of fillers costing $600 to $1,200.

“It appears she’s had a rhinoplasty that narrowed the base of her nose and refined the tip,” Dr. Brandow said. It’s “impressively” subtle, he believes, pegging the price tag at about $10,000. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell additionally believes that Paula’s cheeks look “cartoonishly full.” That could be the result of filler or fat transfers, the latter of which run about $2,500.