We know we’re not the only ones happy about the Mad About You reboot. This gave Paul Reiser the chance to reunite with Helen Hunt — and he says it felt like no time has passed between them at all.

“It really took no transition at all,” he recently explained to People. “We were all so fond of each other and we spent seven years together. The minute we walked into the space, it was so familiar. It actually felt weird that it didn’t feel weird.”

helen hunt paul reiser

Paul plays Helen’s TV husband and, even though the program still gives off a lot of ’90s vibes, the storyline is a little bit different. “The premise of the show lends itself to being shot over time,” Helen said about the reboot, which premiered on Wednesday, November 20.

“It’s a nice luxury to get to do an arc of these characters over the years,” Paul added. “And there is nothing topical about the show. It’s about people, then and now. That doesn’t go out of fashion.”

Helen and Paul play a married couple who rely on each other to make it through the day. Even though they might get on each other’s nerves at times, they understand that the only thing they need in the world is each other.

“It’s a Monday through Friday life,” Paul explained about the show. “You sit down with a fresh script Monday and then you perform it for an audience on Friday. I wasn’t aware of how much I missed that. It was refreshing and surprising.”

Mad About You

Much has changed in Paul and Helen’s life since Mad About You originally went off the air, but the one thing that has stayed the same is their hard-working attitude.

“We used to have a little ritual post show,” Paul said with a laugh. “We’d all gather in the writers’ room and have pizza and a beer. Now we’re just too tired. Someone push me to my car, and I’ll see you Monday!”

We can’t wait to see all the new shenanigans these beloved characters get into this season!