Considering Oprah Winfrey has a staggering net worth of $2.9 billion dollars, it’s hardly a surprise that her many properties are homes that most people could only dream of. That said, her new Orcas Island house in Washington far exceeds anything we could have imagined. Check out the video above for a virtual tour — and try not to get too jealous of Oprah’s new house!

According to Windmere Real Estate, the estate is complete with a laundry list of amenities fit for a mogul. In fact, we bet this property could very well rival Kensington Palace. Between vaulted ceilings, skylights, and french doors, this not-so-humble abode screams royalty! And that’s just the inside. The outside is something out of a storybook, too.

oprah winfrey getty images

Naturally, the 64-year-old paid a pretty penny for the property. According to Variety, she shelled out a cool $8.725 million for the compound. While the average person would have to grapple with the decision to spend that kind of money for days — maybe even months — Oprah reportedly never even saw the home in person before making the purchase. A source close to the Wrinkle in Time star told TMZ that she “never stepped foot on the island.”

Despite the fact that the estate is massive, it’s essentially hidden from the outside world. Complete with a dead end street, gated entry, and an attached garage, this place is perfect for a celebrity with Oprah’s stature. Surely she wouldn’t pay millions just be harassed by the paparazzi!