What a bold parenting approach! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have revealed they don’t hide any sad news going on around the world from their kids. Nicole, 50, and Keith, 49, have two daughters together, Sunday Rose, 9, and Faith, 6, and both are filled with ongoing questions about current events, the good and the bad. “We keep a very honest conversation between our kids,” Nicole told Us Weekly.

With close ties to the country music scene through musician husband, Keith, Nicole knew she had to be very honest about the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, especially as the pair couldn’t hide their own sorrow over the incident. “This tragedy, it so affected the country music [industry] in such a massive way, they knew, they saw us dealing and they’re so connected to us they were like, ‘What’s wrong?'” she explained.

nicole kidman daughters splash

Nicole with Sunday and Faith. (Photo Credit: Splash)

“So you know, we’re all in it together trying to raise our children in this time, so how do we navigate it? How do we protect yet still give them strength and still keep them moving forward? And focusing on what’s a beautiful thing about this world?” Nicole continued. The couple said the family finds solace in going to church on a Sunday. “Our family depends upon an enormous amount of questions and love and support, and we’re trying to guide a six-year-old and a nine-year-old girl right now into the world,” she said.

Keith added that you can not underestimate the power of transparency in parenting, even if it doesn’t always come easy. “There’s darkness in the world, and at some point you want to keep your kids from that because you want them to be able to enjoy their childhood and imagination and see the world in a beautiful way, that at some point learning how to navigate that is crucial for not letting them die and just telling them how to live,” he said. “And that’s what were all in this right now. How do you not make that kind of guidance change our way so much? How do we keep color in our life? How do we keep intimate and open and vulnerable?”

This post was written by Holly Royce. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.