She excludes confidence these days, but that wasn’t always the case for Morgan Fairchild, who reveals the moment she truly felt beautiful for the first time in her life.

“For a kid who grew up fat, with the big thick glasses and teased all my life, it’s kind of nice,” the 70-year-old exclusively tells Closer Weekly while at the Hollywood Beauty Awards after being honored. “Who would ever dream you’d be considered a timeless beauty?”

“When you’ve grown up not feeling beautiful, I don’t think you ever leave it, but it’s, at one point I had got contact lenses and let my hair grow in and bleached my hair and started wearing makeup, and suddenly, I had a lot of friends all of a sudden. It’s like, ‘Oh, okay.’ It’s all in how you look,” the Friends alum explains. Now, Morgan knows how to keep herself feeling and looking incredible.

Morgan Fairchild
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“I think the main things long term are no sun, no drugs, no drinking. So that’s kind of it because it all catches up to you. I see with my friends,” the Flamingo Road star says. “I’m doing a keto diet right now. It’s not the one that everybody’s on with a lot of fat. This is like no fat and it’s a lot of water. It’s like at least a liter of water a day. And I think that really, just hydrating yourselves is really good. Keeps your skin looking good.”

Aside from keeping herself looking top-notch, Morgan also finds one aspect of living very important: kindness.

Morgan Fairchild

“Kindness to each other, and just being able to reach out to other people,” she previously told Closer exclusively. “I find that on Twitter, I have Twitter followers that now tweet me and DM me and say, ‘You said something to me when I was sick or my mother had died or something like that. And it meant the world to me. And thank you so much.’ … Just the reaching out in small ways, big ways every day to people. Everybody’s having a rough time. You never know what they’re going through”

Morgan is so amazing!

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