Actress Morgan Fairchild announced the death of her longtime partner, Mark Seiler, in a social media post on Thursday, July 13. 

“I’m so sorry to let you know that my beloved life partner & fiancé, Mark Seiler, passed away last Friday,” Morgan, 73, wrote in a statement on Instagram and Twitter. “He’d had Parkinson’s for several years, but it seems to be #LongCovid that killed him after his third infection. He was a warm, brilliant & very funny man, and I am devastated. Hold your loved ones close and please consider wearing a mask. #BeKind, I am sending love to you all.” 

On Twitter, Morgan revealed that the pair had been together for 36 years before Mark’s death. She received an outpouring of love and support from her friends, fans and former costars after posting the devastating announcement.  

Morgan shared details about Mark’s battle with Parkinson’s, a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system, in an April 2023 tweet. 

“My fiancé was diagnosed in 2016, so we’ve been living with this for a while now,” she wrote at the time. 


Since Mark’s diagnosis, Morgan turned her attention to advocating for Parkinson’s research. She also expressed support for actor Richard Lewis, who recently shared his Parkinson’s diagnosis with the world in April. 

“My fiancé also has Parkinson’s, and we are all on this journey together!” Morgan tweeted on June 28. “Sending you love.” 

Morgan previously opened up about her decades-long relationship with Mark and whether they planned to walk down the aisle together. 

“Well, I don’t know,” she told Closer in June 2020 of the idea of getting married again. “But you know, it’s definitely a long-term commitment and we’ve been together for a long time … so we may just leave it the way it is right now. We’re both getting older. ”

The Search for Tomorrow alum revealed that Mark was in a nursing home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“They’re taking very good care of him there,” she explained at the time. “I’m very grateful that they haven’t had any cases there … [but] I’m just here.”

To help pass the time while being forced to live apart from her partner, Morgan filled her days with small tasks. 

“I get up every day, I do my housework, I do my chores and I just do my exercises,” she said. “I go for a walk … I try to eat right … I watch the news.” 

To stay in touch with Mark, Morgan revealed she would talk to him “a lot” on FaceTime. “It’s nice,” she added of her “wonderful” beau.